Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann Try to Bring a GOP Voter to Reality with the Facts

Yeah, it’s funny because it’s so true. As a poor fool who has tried to penetrate the steel shell of misinformation, illogic and sheer stupidity that surrounds the average Teabagger, I’m acutely aware of the frustration illustrated by the comedy bit below. These GOP zealots are Chauvinists in the original sense of the term, going back to Nicolas Chauvin, a French soldier who supported Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I long after his countrymen realized that Bonaparte was nothing more than a brutal dictator, another King Louis XVI, albeit much more intelligent. Today’s Republican Tea Party Chauvinists refuse to see what the GOP and its wealthy backers are doing to the country and their way of life. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, they ‘would rather die than think’ and they are going to do so.  We’re just lucky they are a small minority made large by the Big Media penchant for hostile controversy, playing horse-race political games, covering the loudest and most obnoxious morons they can find, and, of course, helping their corporate owners use these nitwits to vote against their own best interests and for the deleterious-to-America pro-corporate agenda.

Copyright 2011 HBO and Bill Maher. H/t to Mediaite for the video.

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