Republican Cognitive Dissonance Ringing Even Louder Than Usual

Let me get this straight…

– You’re a ‘strict Constitutionalist’ who thinks America is a Christian nation even though there is absolutely no mention of Jesus Christ, Christianity or even God in the Constitution?

– You’re complaining about high gas prices at the pump, but you’d rather drive a gas-guzzling road hog because it might hack off some eco-liberal than save money by driving a hybrid or electric car?

– You actually bought those fraudulent gold coins peddled by Glenn Beck and yet you think you’re a good judge of what candidate could best handle the economy?

– You really want America’s future to be determined by large global corporations that you can’t influence rather than a government that you can at least vote out?

– You can’t survive without Social Security and Medicare, yet you vote for people who want to get rid of those programs?

– You’re saving up for your kids to go to college yet vote for candidates who think a college education is snobbish and turns you into an America-hating liberal atheist?

– You’re a married woman who takes birth control pills since you can’t afford any more children in your family, yet you’re voting for Republicans because you like their ‘family values’ blather?

– You’re a law enforcement officer who has seen your union’s ability to bargain for better working conditions and higher pay curtailed or ended by Republicans, yet you still think Occupy Wall Street is the real enemy?

– You confess George W. Bush ruined the economy with his tax cuts and loopholes for the rich that added trillions to the deficit, yet you’re still voting for Republicans who favor the same tax policies?

– You’re a college kid who supports Republicans even though you admit that your tuition has gone up under Republican policies and they aren’t doing a thing to ensure you have a job when you graduate?

– Your teenage daughter is pregnant, and you blame the school for not providing adequate sex education, even though you voted for candidates who were against sex education in schools?

– You’re sending that daughter out of state to quietly get a legal abortion because having the child will affect her future and embarrass your ‘traditional values,’ pro-life family, yet you want to deny this option to other women?

– You think if there is one person on welfare who takes drugs, it means most welfare recipients are drug addicts, but if several racist signs appear at GOP rallies, that’s not an indication most Republicans are racists?

Copyright 2012 RS Janes.

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