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Today’s Quote Two-Fer: Bill Hicks, Words and Video

Bill Hicks wasn’t a stand-up comic like Jerry Seinfeld, and he didn’t tell jokes; he used spike-in-the-eye satire to make his philosophical points, and he told the raw truth as he saw it, which didn’t make him popular in the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Secret Strategy to Win the South in 2012 Illustrated

Ha, ha.                           Copyright 2011 Winning at

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Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, Office Version

More Saturday fun. This Star Wars X-Wing fighter was made entirely of office supplies by someone whose name I don’t know. Seen at (Thanks to Mark S. for the link.)

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Remote Controlled Flying Fish

Just some Saturday morning fun. What will they think of next? (Thanks to Mitch L. for emailing the video link.)

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GOP’s War on the Poor Will Backfire…

…says Jeff Madrick of the Roosevelt Institute. This could be true, if the news gets out that the ‘no tax increases’ party is fine with a payroll tax increase for workers earning under $106,000 a year. (If you make $50,000, … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a GOP Congressman

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Two by Wes Montgomery

What can you say about Wes Montgomery (born John Leslie Montgomery in 1923) except that he’s a jazz genius who influenced everyone from jazz masters Kenny Burrell to George Benson to rock-blues virtuosos like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn … Continue reading

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Remember When?

                    Had this item hanging around for awhile, but the message is still relevant. I think I saw this at Bartcop, but I’m not sure of the original author.

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Today’s Quote: Welcome to the New Great Depression

“Here’s the dirty little secret: Republicans want the economy to fail. They want Obama to fail, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. They want these things, because the beast is in the bathtub and they can … Continue reading

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Modern Republican Magazine

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